Friday, 22 October 2010

Style Hunter: Les Enfants Sauvages

Les Enfants Sauvages makes clothes for the free and independent human being. The 2010 collection is a neo-ethno classic collection meant to present a new take on exotism, yet in a subtle an harmonious manner. Founded by a Cultural Anthropology student devoted to fashion, vintage, textile and weirdness. She believes in the mystical power of wearing bright colors and has extensively worked on ritualistic shamanic costumes of Siberia as well as Russian wedding headpieces.All the pieces create are lovingly hand-made at their studio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Les Enfants Sauvages values the idea of a well crafted garment that has a feel that is a little bit of another era, while being definitely of it's own time. Inspired by west Africa, Shadders was very impressed to see the use of African print in this collection.

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