Monday, 18 October 2010

Brand Alert: IyZaiah's Gold Coast Collection

IyZaiah has released its second women’s collection called The Gold Coast Collection. This collection is dedicated to the beautiful and diverse personalities in the country of Ghana, where the designer was born and raised. This collection comprises of 12 pieces; 6 cocktail dresses and 6 gowns. The pieces in this collection are very diverse, just like the characters of those in Ghana. The pieces range from, serene and mellow gowns, to punk-like cocktail dresses, to girly embellished dresses to bold backless gowns. In every ntoma piece used for this collection, there are intricate traces of gold in it, which symbolizes the richness of these personalities. Iyzaiah is definitely one to watch out for, view the collections below:

Love the collection, keep up the good work order simple click here and Here

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  1. WOW! Luv this collection. It's genius